This is us

We thought it would be nice to write a bit about ourselves, giving you some key information as well as some random facts. We can start off with our youngest:

Nora – Nekesa Mueni

Not only being the youngest of our team, she is also the only one at Hald born in 1999. But this doesn’t put a stop to her potential, as she overflows the team with new music and cool dance moves (yes, she is a dancer!). She is a missionary kid from Brazil but has lived in Sandnes most her life. Her love for getting to know new people goes hand in hand with the Kenyan culture, and she has already made many friends. Nora also has a passion for making videos, which comes in handy when trying to come up with ideas for the blog (hint hint). She is always up for a challenge, and if you want to get rid of a bug or in need of some chicken meat, this is your girl!

Anne – Kendi

This one (African English) is the middle born, and result of a city (Stavanger) girl gone to boarding school. That meaning she handles the busy streets of Nairobi and often takes the lead when crossing the street or getting from A to B. She also enjoys cooking, and experiments her was around the fact that our oven is not working. Talking of experiments, it is worth mentioning Anne is the great adventurer of the group, and has already suggested as a Saturday activity, to just get on a matatu and take it two hours out of town to see what there is to find. Also, a small tip: because of severe lack of self-control, please hide your chocolate from this girl...

Ingelin – Naserian

Last but not least, the wisest of them all, Farsund girl: Ingelin. Maybe the one most people ask for the Kenyan name: Naserian, given that her Norwegian name isn’t easy for most Kenyans. She is straight out of bible school, bringing a lot of useful knowledge into the team. Her big smile and positive attitude comes in handy after a long day of work when the rest of the team is tired or something doesn’t work out as we thought. Her kindness can also arouse interest of people we meet, and you can find Nora and Anne going around asking the mocking question “Where is my friend Ingelin?”, usually followed by some giggling. But this girl it not only smiling and pleasing, as she inspires and coaches the team workouts, making us all sore the following day. 


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