Norwegian tacos gone wrong (Storytime)

Anne writing
Hey, this is the story of when we made norwegian taco.
In the middle of dinner planning for the week, we thought: well, shouldn’t we try to make taco? Like the ones we have in Norway. This was of course a great idea, especially since we had brought with us the spice and sauce.

Then, the upcoming Wednesday Anne stayed at home and made the dough for the tortillas, while Nora bought minced meat from the butcher, and Ingelin got vegetables from the local market.

When the evening came, we started preparing this very-looked-forward-to meal, and the kitchen was busy. The tortillas was prepared and cooked, the vegetables was washed with vinegar, rinsed and cut and the meat was cooked in the pan with the correct spice and some beans. The smell of our beloved meal could be felt from far away.

Then we made our small table like it should, with all our different ingredients all over. Because of the occasion we also sung a special song “gledens herre” and started establishing our tacos. And I must say, it was tasty!

We had some leftovers and stored them away for lunch the next day. Then, what happens next is the great turning point of this story.

The following morning we all got up and made ourselves ready for the day. Anne went out to the kitchen and started preparing the breakfast; oatmeal with banana. First came Nora. She ate some but said she didn’t want much, she wasn’t feeling very good. We didn’t think much about it, since almost everything we eat here is new and make our stomachs a bit weird. Then a couple minutes later Ingelin arrived, opening the door saying “oh, I am feeling nauseous, I think I will be sick”. Nora and Anne looked at each other with worried eyes and the group started discussing how this clearly was not a coincidence.

At first we were sure it had to be the fresh vegetables that hadn’t been washes properly, or maybe the beans we bought fresh from the market. Then after talking with our contact person, Evans, he asked us “well, I hope you boiled the meat before cooking it?”... And ofcouse, we didn’t boil the meat. So there we had it. At least now we know and can tell everyone who reads this: please boil fresh minced meat from the butcher before cooking it!!

To end of the story we can say that Anne however was totally fine and went to work the next day, while Nora and Ingelin stayed home and dealed with the problem... which after some time was out of the system and far away in the sewage.  :)


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