The first month - summary

Ingelin writing
Around three and a half week has gone by since we arrived, how crazy is that? Almost a month out of six is coming to and end and we still feel like we have barely started. 

The first month here in Kenya has been GREAT. The things that felt so new and unfamiliar at the beginning has now become a natural part of our everyday lives. It is strange how quickly you adapt into a totally new culture but still seem to learn something new every day. 

The first week was mostly spent on us getting to know the staff, our local environment, basic skills in shopping and how to get around. We adapted quickly and after only 4 days we got started with our weekly programs and routines. 

A typical week consist of voluntary work (a videopost about this will come soon!), staff meeting, swahili classes, studytime, Sunday services in church (Mathare worship center in Mathare slum) and of course freetime to hang out with people or take a trip around the streets of Nairobi. There is so much that we want to do and explore, so Anne has already made a pretty long list over everything we want to squeeze in to our busy schedule.

At this stage of our stay we can honestly say that we feel at home, which is very much appreaciated since we can´t take that for granted! 

Downtown in Nairobi
One of the stray dogs that accompany us every night when we make food
Rooftop view in Mathare slum

Rooftop at Happy Life Children´s Home where we work

A small photo collection of the month! 


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