Hald - a year of another world

Ingelin writing
We are attending a school in Norway called Hald International Center (Hald Internasjonale Senter), where people from all over the world comes together for a one year study in intercultural communication. We are 11 different nationalities this year from Europe, Asia, Africa and South-America.
During this year, all the students will go on a 6 month exchange program in a country that the school offers. The Norwegians go abroad and the internationals stays in different parts of Norway. In other words; The internationals and the Norwegians switch place.
The year is divided into three different parts: 
  1. 6 weeks of preparation in the fall 
  2. 6 month exchange program in a foreign country
  3. 8 weeks of spring course

(If you want to know more, go visit the school´s webpage: hald.no)

The first 6 weeks at Hald was truly amazing. When 11 different nationalities live together, eat together, have classes together and interact with each other on a daily basis.. You realize that the world isn´t as big as you thought it was. We have learned so much, laughed until our stomachs hurt and tied really close bonds to each other already. 

We are super exited for the upcoming months here in Kenya and are also looking forward to meet everyone again in the spring! 

A few photos of our first period at Hald <3 


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